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While vacationing in Southwest Colorado in 1991, Steve was drawn to the rural character, the small town feel and the many recreational opportunities Learn more ...

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I was fortunate to have Steve as my buyer's agent. I informed him what I was looking for and he quickly organized a group of home for my viewing the very next day. After viewing the homes and discussing what I liked and didn't like from the homes that I viewed, he organized another group of homes based upon my comments and his observations on how I reacted to each home. Steve fully educated me on home values, what was available, the real estate market concerning the selling price and asking price on homes in the particular market, and what was considered reasonable offer. Even when I had narrowed my choices to two homes, he arranged for me to visit another three homes in order for me to validate my choice so that I would not be seconding guessing my selection. I was able to purchase my home in an very straight forward, stress free environment. Steve investigated and answered all my questions and concerns regarding the selected home. He even prepared a calendar of milestones to be met in the purchasing process. Even after buying the home, Steve has continued to be a valuable resource for me when questions arise about the home and related issues. Steve has a calm and welcoming demeanor. I most heartedly recommend Steve without any reservation.

- cgeo3

I was very lucky finding Steve when I started looking in the Ridgway/Montrose area. I had just started looking and didn’t have an agent. But I saw a house that I wanted to take a look at that Steve was selling. The house didn’t work out, but after talking with Steve for a short time, I could tell he was knowledgeable and a straight-shooter. My lack of knowledge of the area, the market, and little experience buying homes (I had only bought one, more than 15 years earlier) were all things that Steve was able to more than compensate for. His coaching helped me to make some good decisions that I am sure I would not have made without him. He was also very patient and supportive as I looked at numerous great homes, while still trying to locate the right home. He also connected me with a great local mortgage guy who made that aspect of buying almost effortless. The bottom line is, after working with Steve: 1. He’s the kind of guy you want to have as a friend after that dealing is done. 2. If I ever buy or sell a home in the area, Steve will be my agent. And that pretty much sums it up. I am sure there are other good realtors in the area. But I don’t have to take any chances, as I know that Steve is an ace!

- die spam

teve was very professional and helped me to find the right house. This may be what many people write, but Steve was also patient, kind, and offered numerous ideas and support about my options. I looked for many months, and Steve was available, quick to make arrangements to see houses, and was again patient to wait for me when I was late showing up! He understood and respected the challenges and time taken in the decision making process. His good character was also evident in his role as a liaison between us and the seller, broker, and the mortgage company, to whom he guided me for support in solving credit issues. Unlike my past experience buying a home, Steve spent a great deal of time explaining to me the endless details of the contract and working through issues with the home inspection. I felt like Steve demonstrated what a caring relative would do in the process. Thanks Steve!

- zuser20140618194500783